Redefining longevity intelligence

Transforming longevity-linked asset investment.

Our leading AI platform for underwriting longevity and assessing risk enables our partners to base their investment decisions on data.

AI is revolutionizing the way longevity-linked assets are valued, sold, and purchased.

Redefining longevity intelligence

Transforming longevity-linked asset investment.

פלטפורמת הבינה המלאכותית המובילה שלנו לחיתום איכות והערכת סיכונים יכולים לשותפים שלנו לבסס את ההשקעה שלהם על הנתונים.

בינה מלאכותית מחוללת מהפכה באופן שבו מעריכים, נמכרים ורכישים נכסים הקשורים לאריכות ימים.



Quick and high-quality data extraction.


Medical underwriting and deep risk analysis

In seconds

Automatic pricing and risk management

What we offer

List’s AI platform for underwriting life expectancy 

combined with our risk-modeling software

provides our partners with opportunities

to achieve better outcomes 

in the longevity-linked asset market.

Benefits for our partners

Our artificial intelligence prediction engine authorizes our partners to do just that
Leverage the inefficiency in the market. And
Shorten complex processes such as
Proper review, evaluation and acquisition of these assets.

AI does the work; our partners access the results immediately.

Through our easy-to-use dashboard and our additional tools, 

our partners enjoy a clear overview of the investment they are considering, 

allowing them to analyze these assets from every angle

and find the best fit for their risk management criteria


With LiST’s AI, our partners can scale up and diversify their portfolio with longevity-linked assets, backed by data.

Traditional asset management


Our next-gen asset management

Life settlements- an attractive alternative investment

  • With markets at an all-time high, alternative investment with a low correlation to the traditional stock market is a sensible decision for diversifying your investment portfolio
  • Life Settlement investments have historically provided investors with high returns

Life Settlements Overview – In A Nutshell

A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a third party. Typically, policyholders selling their policies are senior citizens with premiums that they can no longer afford or with an unwanted or unneeded policy. The selling policyholder receives a payment that is higher than the policy’s cash surrender value but less than its death benefit. The policy’s buyer pays all future premiums. Once the transactions complete, the ownership is transferred to the buyer, who becomes the owner and beneficiary. 
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Prior to co-founding LiST, Yaacov worked for 6 years in the business department of the Israeli Air Force where he managed and negotiated deals of over $400M with leading companies such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Yaacov was also an F16I pilot in the Israeli Air Force for over a decade. Yaacov holds a BA in Economics and Aviation from Ben Gurion University, and an MBA with a sub specialty in Finance from Bar Ilan University.
Izik, a co-founder of LiST, has rich experience in the technology and development space (12 years), including working as Technology Team Leader of Uniper Technologies. He also worked as a consultant for many Israeli companies (Hachsara Insurance, Bezeq and additional companies). He is a widely sought after lecturer and regularly lectures at the external school of the Technion Institute.
Prior to co-founding LiST, Yaakov was Head of Product and Sales at Dexi Technologies, and oversaw the development and growth of the company’s products. He also worked as a consultant for various start up ventures, providing invaluable hi-tech, management, product and strategy consultancy, for over seven years, in addition to working as a manager of commercial real estate properties.
Gonen has worked at Israel’s premier financial institutions in numerous risk management and financial modeling capacities over the past 12 years, including as an investment manager at First International Bank of Israel. He also ran Harel Finance’s Risk Management department. Gonen holds an M.Sc in Financial Mathematics from Bar Ilan University.
Prior to joining the team, Yaakov worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Herzog Fox Neeman (Israel’s leading law firm), working with Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals on a wide variety of tax, corporate and legal matters. Yaakov holds a BA in law and accounting from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (licensed Adv and CPA in Israel).
Alan is a Serial AI Entrepreneur and was the co-founder of, sold to Snap (owner of SnapChat). He holds a Ph.D. in AI & Deep Learning.

Boris is an avid entrepreneur with decades of operational experience. His business administered ~$25 billion in assets and was sold to US Bancorp in 2012.

You have the talent.
We have your
next challenge!

You have the talent.
We have your
next challenge!

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