Medical Underwriter

Who we are:

LiST is a next-gen asset management company specializing in alternative investments.

We have developed proprietary technology to invest in the Life Settlements market, capitalize on market inefficiencies, process large amounts of data and act quickly to make offers on the most attractive deals. We have created the new standard of user experience with live and online updates, real-time projections and additional tools, bringing investments in Life Settlements to the 21st century.

We embrace an agile way of working, priding ourselves on being fast, diverse and dynamic. This is your opportunity to develop, professionally and personally.

What we’re looking for:

Medical Underwriter

What you’ll do:

  • Own the company’s life expectancy processes
  • Manage team of Data Labelers and provide expert review of medical records
  • Point of contact with Life expectancy and underwriting experts
  • Assist with development of in-house underwriting technology

* Our working model combines remote work and office time. Our office is located in the Greater Tel Aviv area.

What you should have:

  • Advanced degree in medicine, nursing or biomedicine
  • 3+ years of experience preparing and reviewing medical records 
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex concepts in English, in a clear and professional manner
  • Good knowledge of the field of medicine/nursing
  • Good analytical skills and original thinking
  • Independent and innovative with the ability to lead a research task from problem definition to delivery
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English

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