Portfolio Manager

Who we are:

LiST is a next-gen asset management company specializing in alternative investments.

We have developed proprietary technology to invest in the Life Settlements market, capitalize on market inefficiencies, process large amounts of data and act quickly to make offers on the most attractive deals. We have created the new standard of user experience with live and online updates, real-time projections and additional tools, bringing investments in Life Settlements to the 21st century.

We embrace an agile way of working, priding ourselves on being fast, diverse and dynamic. This is your opportunity to develop, professionally and personally.

What we’re looking for:

Portfolio Manager

What you’ll do:

  • Own the entire life insurance acquisition process, from sorting through data, reviewing insurance policies, leading bidding processes, managing relationships with originators and servicers and ongoing management of life insurance policies
  • Participation in day-to-day portfolio management, portfolio construction and risk management processes
  • Prepare regular executive reports assessing the quality and performance of portfolios for funds and directly held assets
  • Manage domestic and international fund investments and direct transactions process 
  • Prepare quarterly market research reports of targeted markets
  • Participate in Investment Committee meetings as needed
  • Support broader team and contribute to strategic projects

 * Our working model combines remote work and office time. Our office is located in the Greater Tel Aviv area.

What you should have:

  • 5+ years of direct experience in asset management, capital markets research,or at a hedge fund; open to different levels of experience as we are willing to cater the role to the right candidate
  • Strong technical skills; background in insurance, alternative assets, macroeconomics, capital markets, fixed income, statistics, econometrics, or other technical disciplines desired
  • Excellent understanding of financial markets and drivers of returns across major asset classes
  • Excellent written communication skills with experience of writing about markets and investment related topics
  • Ability to create unique investment research, synthesize insights and generate investment views
  • Experience in portfolio construction and risk management
  • Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Drives for results and executes deliverables in line with the organizational vision and strategy
  • Demonstrates strong business results focus and shared vision for the company’s goals
  • Creates culture of collaboration and proactively seeks and/or embraces opportunities to work across departments and teams to achieve shared objectives
  • Tackles difficult issues with optimism and remains confident, steady and positive in times of adversity, and rebounds from setbacks in order to grow from difficult experiences
  • Fluent English

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